Cha-am Jamal, Thailand

Posted on: July 5, 2010


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So blaming 9-11 on the US’s close friendship with, and support of, Israel, and a subsequent withdrawl of such firendship/support, would have no effect on the continuing by radical Muslims agains the US or any other non-Muslim nation?

no that’s not what i meant to say. i meant to say that it would have no effect on the infighting among muslims. the george w bush war on terror is something else and something surely closely related to america’s unconditional support for israel

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  • chaamjamal: i recall that this note had appeared in my weird-but-true page about a decade ago. the reference is of course brad steiger. his home page is http://
  • Simon: !!!! No logic there really! Of course it has a massive effect on the rain fall..if you have a large forest you are likely to have omre water resources
  • Ajay: Dear Jamal sir I came across your older site and the wbt section in it. It was wonderful. I read and researched on it a lot. The most amazing t
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